WOW Story - WOW Baking
“Your name says it all! WOW! These are some of the best GF cookies I have had!”-Jessica Kallis
WOW Baking

It Begins at the Kitchen Table

Owners Don & Joy Page and Susan Howe

Founders Don & Joy Page and Susan Howe

Just like many of you may have discovered, great ideas and plans are made at the kitchen table—and that’s exactly what happens at WOW.  The WOW team spends many hours at the WOW kitchen table working on ways to better serve our customers.

We realized early on that people following GF diets had very limited cookie choices.  Not only limited, but sadly the cookies were less than desirable. Hearing comments from parents saying “thank you” for the delicious GF cookies that their child loves, or “cookies the whole family enjoys,” affirmed we were on the right track.

Creating and Baking

WOW Baking started with four original cookie flavors and a signature decadent Chocolate Brownie.  We expanded the line to offer a variety of flavors packed with cookie personality. Creating a new flavor is a magical and exciting time in the WOW kitchen.  Susan Howe is formally trained in culinary baking, and enjoys coming up with delicious new recipes.  WOW creates a variety of flavors and as you may have guessed our team nibbles away at batches of test cookies… a little more of this… a little less of that.  Refining recipes and yes… more tastings mmm…..

pic-two-kidsWe felt a cookie should not only taste good, but be made with good ingredients too.  WOW Baking uses quality all natural ingredients such as cane sugar, real butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla. For those who simply cannot have gluten in their diet, it’s important for us to make sure they know our cookies are certified GF and made in a dedicated GF facility.  We also believe people should have the right to know about what they eat.  WOW baked goods are GMO-free keeping our food real!

We Listen to You

Back then our cookies were only found locally in the NW, but we started hearing from people in other parts of the country asking where WOW Baking cookies could be found in their area. We were determined to make it easy for everyone to find our products at their local stores. With the help of customers sharing their stories and excitement for WOW, we started to cover the country. From the get-go we received emails and phone calls from people telling us how happy they were to have found our WOW Baking cookies and how amazed they were our products are gluten-free!

Everyday we read emails and posts and enjoy hearing comments like, “I can’t believe they are gluten-free” or “they really are WOW!” But don’t take our word for it, head over to our Facebook page or our Testimonials page and see what our fans are saying!


WOW around the World

Growing to serve more folks, WOW baked goods are currently available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and even in the air! Check your airline to see if they serve our delicious treats on your next flight or find a store near you. What’s that you say, you can’t find them in your local store? Ask  your grocer if they’ll consider stocking WOW cookies. Download our form letter, it never hurts to ask.