WOW Bagged Cookies
“Bought the ginger molasses cookie at the Minneapolis airport a few days ago. Didn't think it was possible to ever find a gluten free cookie that was as good as my favorite non gluten free soft ginger people cookie. You could taste the ginger, it was soft, chewy...soooo good. Will be buying many more, and can't wait to try more flavors.” -Laura Boyle

Bagged Cookies

Same moist chewy gourmet cookies, now packaged in a re-sealable bag!

Did you know?

  • WOW products are made in small batches in Sumner, WA
  • WOW is a certified Green Scene environmentally friendly producer
  • WOW products are made in a certified gluten free facility
  • WOW offers cookie solutions for deli, bakery & grocery
  • WOW! You won’t believe these are wheat & gluten-free

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